Single dwellings and self build homes

Whether you’re planning to build your own new house or develop a plot of land for rental or investment purposes you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our portfolio. From modern new build houses on tight inner-city plots in London to sprawling family homes in stunning rural locations. The variety and diversity of the work we do benefits all our clients when it comes to the unique designs we are able to create for them.  

One-off building projects that fit perfectly in their surroundings

Our approach to building a new home or small residential development is very much site specific. We’ll visit the plot to gain an understanding of the constraints and opportunities. This could be wonderful views that need to be captured through windows or gradient or drainage issues that need careful management.

If your building plot is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, like the Wye Valley or the Cotswolds, or if it’s in a conservation area, such as Greenwich or Bath, special considerations will need to be made. For instance, we’ll have to think about what your building looks like from the landscape around it, not just what you see when you’re looking out of the window.

Your support through the planning minefield

Building your dream house (or indeed building any house) is quite an undertaking if you’ve never done it before, that’s why it pays to have experienced help at hand. We’ve built good relationships with local planners so we can support you to create a design that you love, but that also satisfies the requirements of the local authorities. It’s a fine line, but we’ve learned how to tread it over the years.

A practical approach to sustainability

In our view it’s vital that new build homes are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, so they sit nicely within their environment rather than taking from it. And of course, there are various regulations that, as building designers, it’s our duty to abide by. But we also know that self-builders and property investors have budget constraints that need to be met. That’s why we try to take a practical approach – we’re all about balance – but we always make sure we consider sustainability where we can.

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