House extensions and home remodelling

From designing practical two-storey extensions to creating stunning open plan spaces, we’ve put our architectural services to good use over the years. Here is just a selection of the home renovation projects we’ve been involved with.

Creating a design that fits the way you want to live

Whether you’re undertaking building renovations because you need more space, you don’t like the layout of your current home or you simply want to change the relationship of your living space to your outdoor space. From annexes to en suites, we can help you to design and create a solution that makes the best of what you have and gives you what you need.

Overcoming design challenges together

Do you own a listed building? Are you based in a conservation area or AONB? Do you have particularly uncompromising neighbours who will stop at nothing to prevent you from creating the house you’ve always dreamed of?

We have plenty of experience dealing with the myriad of design challenges that crop up when building extensions or renovating homes. If there’s anything in particular on your mind why not give us a call to talk it through – we’re sure to be able to offer some great advice.

We never rush into things and we suggest you don’t either

Want to know one of the most common mistakes we see people make when they’re planning to remodel their home? Rushing to get started. If you’ve just bought a house with a view to ‘doing it up’ we highly recommend you live in it for a bit first (assuming it’s habitable) to get an idea of how the space feels. It’ll make a huge difference when it comes to the design and you may even change your mind about what you thought your priorities were.

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