"We could not be more delighted at the result and have to pinch ourselves. What’s more, it has been a pain-free journey..."

"When Nicky and I bought a dilapidated 17th century sandstone barn in a beautiful corner of the Wye Valley, we knew it had the potential to be something very special. This was going to be more than a project; it was the realisation of a lifetime's dream. Choosing an architect and builder who could share our vision and bring it to life was essential. We live 3 hours away in Kent so would have limited time on site, and needed people we could trust. By chance Nicky and I came across the Apex website separately on the same day, and we both liked the sound of it - a small practise in the area, with experience and knowledge that seemed to fit the bill. After a call and on site meeting we were sure they would be right for the job. By similar gut instinct we chose a local builder, with whom Apex hadn’t worked before but who came as a recommendation. So Jon at Apex became our Architectural Technologist and Contract Administrator, and Darrel was our builder.

Here we are two years later, and the barn is ready. We could not be more delighted at the result and have to pinch ourselves. What’s more, it has been a pain-free journey - in fact it has been a complete pleasure. A large part of that success is down to Jon. His involvement has been exactly what we needed. He drew up the plans, obtained the building regs, detailed Darrel's contract and valuation schedule, minuted the monthly meetings, challenged the invoices, met us on weekends for flexibility, and offered advice at any time…everything we needed to give us peace of mind when we were so far away. He was firm but fair with Darrel, and at no time did relations between the three parties become strained.

In short, for us, the partnership between Jon and Darrel was ideal. Over the 2 years we worked together we got to know the Apex team well, and Jon in particular. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him personally for his professionalism and expertise, and hope that we will stay friends in the years to come down at our barn.”

Mike and Nicky Sevenoaks, Kent