At Apex we draw inspiration from the diversity of our team.

Youthful creativity works alongside old school experience; inspirational architects mix with technically brilliant technologists, all the while taking influence from the varied architectural heritage of the regions in which we operate. All of this means we have plenty of choice when hand selecting the right team for your project, giving you, our clients, the best of both worlds when it comes to design innovation and practicality.

And it’s thanks to this wealth of fresh ideas, new technology and specialist knowledge that we are able to consistently come up with innovative ideas that explore the boundaries of modern architecture. But we never get carried away. We’re always aware of that steadying hand of experience on the tiller; the one that ensures we deliver on quality and reliability time and time again.

We’ll listen to you…

Whether you know exactly what you want from your build and you have a picture in your head, or you hardly know where to begin, we can help. We’ll listen carefully to your brief, teasing out the information we need to come up with a scheme that delivers on everything you want, and often more besides. We encourage an atmosphere of total openness and honesty between our team and our clients. Because we care about your project and we want to get it right.

…and we’ll give you our undivided attention…

Apex Architecture sits snugly in that sweet spot between too big and too small. Experienced one-man bands get booked up months or even years in advance, while large architectural firms just can’t give you that personal attention. That’s why we’re structured the way we are, so we’ve always got the capacity for new projects, and the ability and determination to give each one the attention it deserves.

…because we’re serious about creating a great product

Yes, we strive to make every building as efficient, sustainable and functional as possible, after all, we have a responsibility to our planet to do what we can. But we give equal weight to innovation as well as taking a pragmatic approach to getting things done. And we have plenty of processes in place to ensure we minimise the risk of things going wrong. As Chartered Architects and Chartered Architectural Technologists we use the RIBA plan of work and a robust management planning toolkit. We’re also covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

And of course, should the worst happen, we have an expert in corporate law on board to help smooth things out.

From experienced Architects to Chartered Surveyors, and Chartered Architectural Technologists to talented interior and architectural designers, Apex brings together the skills and expertise required to answer any design brief. Our friendly team will guide you through the process, offering ideas and inspiration to help you realise the full potential of the building project you’re about to embark on.